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How to Order from

Our mission is to make ordering basket making supplies; including shaker tape, dyed reed, basket patterns and much more, as simple and secure as possible. You can order using one of the following methods:

Option 1: Secure Online Ordering through Our Store

The online store at provides the highest level of security available on the internet. Customer and Payment information is encrypted (scrambled) while being sent over the internet, this makes it nearly impossible  for anyone else to decode. Its also the fastest, most reliable way to order. Shipping charges are based on standard UPS shipping rates with no additional fees added.

Option 2: Select Items in Store and Fax Credit Card Information

If you are still unsure about sending information over the internet, you can also choose to select items in our store, proceed through checkout and select FAX or Phone Payment Information as your Payment type. After doing this, complete the checkout process as usual, print the final invoice screen and, if faxing, add your payment information (credit card number and expiration date ) and FAX it to: at 989-366-5931. If phoning in your order, call 1- 800-563-2356 (out of country must phone 1-989-366-8794) and give one of our operators your order and credit card information.

Option 3: Order Online and Pay by Check or Money Order

After selecting your items, complete the checkout process as usual and select Pay by Check or Money Order. When you reach the final checkout screen (Invoice), print that page and mail it with your check or Money order to:

3741 W Houghton Lake Dr.
Houghton Lake MI 48629

Note: Check orders will be shipped AFTER your funds have cleared from your bank.

How to order online

It is easiest to understand the method of choosing and ordering patterns if you compare it to getting groceries at the store.

  • look around - put any items that you want to purchase in your shopping cart
  • look at what is in your cart
  • go to the checkout to pay for the items that you want to purchase

To Find Items

  1. Search - Use our search feature, (located near the top - left of each page) to type in a certain word (or words) that describe the type of items or pattern you are looking for (i.e. "angel" ) then click "Find." Our system will then display a listing of matcing items for you to puruse. You can order from this page, or click the name or image to see more information about the product.
  2. Browse the categories along the left side of the site. Clicking on the category name displays the list of items in that category. If there are more items than room allows, a Next button will appear at the bottom of the page. You can order from this page, or click the name or image to see more information about the product.
  3. Some times categories simply show a list of sub-categories. Clicking on a desired sub-category will display the items in that category,.

To Purchase Items

  1. Use the "Add [   ] to Basket" feature to indicate how many items you want to purchase. These items are added to the basket, and the "Your Basket" display at the top of the page updates to show what has been added to your basket.

  2. You can continue to shop for more items, or click the Your Basket link at the top of the page to review your items and start the check out process.
  3. Contiue Shopping/Contiue Checkout. While viewing your basket, you have two choices presented at the bottom of the basket list. Continue Shopping, which takes you to the last page you where looking at, and Contiue Checkout. Choosing Continue Checkout will take you through the three checkout steps: Entering Customer Information, Selecting Shipping and Payment Information, and Entering your Payment Information. Once you complete those three steps, you will get an "Invoice Page" and, if you entered a correct email address, you will get an email confirmation of your order. We recommend printing out the invoice page just in case.
  4. If you have ANY questions about your order or how to order, please feel free to contact us.

Shipping Information

Want to know what your shipping will be BEFORE you place an order with us? Its easy, simply select all items you wish to purchase online, go to our check out area, fill in your name and address. Click the "Continue" button on the bottom of that page. Your order weight will be sent to UPS and you will be given your exact shipping due. If you do not wish to proceed with ordering simply close your browser.

No info has been sent to us yet so no order has been placed. This way you know exactly what your order and shipping amount will be before confirming an order with us!

Orders are shipped almost daily via US Mail for patterns and UPS for orders containing supplies/accessories. Out of country / off mainland orders are shipped US Postal. Shipping charges  for patterns are based on the number of patterns ordered,
see chart below:

Quantity of Patterns Shipping Charges Shipping Charges
1 - 3 patterns
4 - 5 patterns
6 - 8 patterns
9 - 11 patterns
12 - 15 patterns
16 - 31 patterns
32 - 48 patterns
49 - 70 patterns
71 - 90 patterns
Items other than
patterns are shipped
UPS ground.
We charge only standard UPS charges.
Out of country / off
mainland are
shipped US Postal.

When your destination is out of country or off the mainland (Germany, Alaskan islands, Hawaii etc). You can place your order online but our system will let you know shipping charges cannot be tallied online - We must phone the U.S. post office for actual US Postal charges to your zip code.
Any applicable customs charges will also be added to your shipping.