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Author Terms

The most innovative and convenient way to sell basket patterns!

Free web page promoting your original basket patterns!

Thank you for your interest in selling basket weaving patterns on our site. Please read our terms below.

  • Submit your original patterns for approval, they will be evaluated for originality, clarity of instructions, and other attributes. Our address is stated at end of this document.
  • You may submit as many patterns as you like for evaluation at no charge. We ask that if someone calls you and says they saw your patterns on our site and want to purchase directly from you, you refer them back to our site for purchasing. Ordering options include: online, mail, fax, or phone orders.
  • Send one copy of each pattern. If your patterns contain a clear, color photo this will be all we need to scan image into computer. If you patterns contain a color copy, we must have a color photo as well to be scanned. Send photos of any size and we will format. No black and white images are accepted .Please be sure your entire basket is in the photo with subtle backgrounds - solid color backdrops please.Taking your photo out doors with no shadows falling on basket is best. Zoom in to fill the entire photo with thebasket, backgrounds are cropped to save loading times on the web site. Feel free to Email us your digital images.Please be certain your images measure no smaller than 300pixels in either direction. No larger than 400pixels please.On a separate piece of paper please include 1 to 3 lines of text description with each pattern you submit, this is subject to editing. No one knows the pattern better than you and there may be a feature you would like highlighted. Include the level of weaver you think the pattern is suitable for (i.e. beginner, intermediate, all levels, advanced), the weaving technique used, (twill, bias, twining, Gretchen border etc....)
  • Your patterns will be featured like the others on our site with a picture, pattern name , a short description, your name and the price. If the pattern calls for any special accessory we like to offer it along with your pattern, so please let us know this information. Please do not submit patterns very similar to others already post on our site.
  • We seek patterns with fresh weaving ideas & design. We do not wish to subject our customers to view duplicate patterns with only the reed color changed. We are certain you will understand.
  • Each pattern offered for sale should include a color photograph (or scanned color photo printed on the pattern) , material list, complete weaving instructions with name of pattern along the top of each page, customers also prefer page numbers.Your name, address, phone and/or Email for any questions the weaver should have. Please have your retail in the upper right corner of the cover page.Your pattern must be in a clear plastic sleeve.
  • We will contact you prior to your patterns being added and place our first order. We purchase from you at our wholesale rate, please Email us for detailed info.Info @
  • We pay only actual US postal service shipping charges. We will adjust billing statements for any differences.If you weigh our order and phone your local post office with the weight and our address they can give you thepostage amount due.
  • Following the addition of your patterns to our site we will begin ordering as needed, usually in quantities of 6 or 12.Please - if you travel or are leaving for a vacation we would very much appreciate your letting us know ahead of time so that we may check our inventory & order if needed. We do our best to keep adequate inventory levels but sometimes, possibly due to a class teacher purchasing in large quantity, etc... we do run out. We do not wish to keep customers waiting for product so please ship our orders ASAP.
  • Keep in mind that we add patterns to increase and maintain sales for the site and for each individual author - the patterns are added in the order received and the schedule varies by several different factors. We appreciate your patience for our business procedures as they may not be clear to you but are based on specific business decisions.
  • We reserve the right to add and take off patterns from the site as we deem necessary without notification to pattern authors.
  • After you are a contributing author - whenever you complete a new pattern, we would appreciate you sending it to us for evaluation and updating your page on our site. This increases traffic to your page and will increase additional pattern sales from your previous patterns.
  • Once accepted and featured on our site, as a contributing author you will be able to purchase patterns from the site at a 10% discounted rate. Sorry, our supplies are not included in this discount, only our patterns.
  • Our payment terms are Net 30. Once orders are received they are paid 30 days from date on billing statement.Please include an itemized billing statement with orders when shipped, this will assist us greatly.Here is an example of an itemized billing statement. Here's a sample
  • If these terms are acceptable to you - please print this page twice, once for your records and once for ours, sign and date it, and send one copy with your patterns to the address below.
3741 W Houghton Lake Dr
Houghton Lake MI 48629
Author Name (Signature)   Date